“I’ve worked with Amanda for almost 10 years and she always over-delivers. She’s an organized, thorough, detail-oriented creative. She’s the rare talent who can come up with the perfect creative solution, on deadline and budget. Her writing is imaginative and funny; her research is deep and insightful. Overall her work is always polished and her presence on a team is deeply felt. Amanda is a pleasure to work with in every way.”

– Lindsay Campbell, Founder, Long Future Media


“A show is only as good as its script. As an On-camera host its imperative to have a great writer who can adjust and write to “your voice” so that the words and language sound as natural and authentic as possible. Amanda is truly amazing at this, as we worked together over the course of a few years on various shows across TV and Digital. Not many writers posses this talent; to take the time to get to really know the host in order to get a feel for their rhythm and pace, and translate it to script. It is truly a gift and a luxury to have as an on camera personality; something I was extremely grateful for.”

– Julie Alexandria, TV Host and Reporter, FoxSports


Bar-none one of the best blog writers in the world. I disagree with most of her political positions… but cannot argue with her writing style, intelligence and attention to detail. Plus, she’s funny and puts even the most contentious topics in a likable and understandable tone. Highly recommend for any writing (script, blog, editorial, etc).”

– Andy Swan, Founder, LikeFolio


“It’s my pleasure to give Amanda my strongest possible recommendation. I have hired her for numerous projects over the past 8 years as a researcher and copywriter. Her skill is dynamic, her talent is unsurpassed, and she is an absolute pleasure to work with. Extremely detail-oriented and able to grasp a wide range of subjects, Amanda will dive right in to your [news, science, business, law, comedy] project and you will soon wonder how you ever got along without her!”

– Jeff Marks, Co-Founder, Bright Red Pixels


“Amanda has all the technical skills of a great writer but her true gift lies in creativity and originality. I’ve often found myself either giggling out loud when I read her writing, or trying to high five the article. I have followed her published work as well as had the privilege of working with her on video scripts and it has always been a true joy. Unlike most writers on the Web who can write with humor, Amanda also knows how to organize herself so that the reader can follow along, even if she is not writing in chronological order. I wish more people knew how to do this! “

– Natali Morris, Anchor, MSNBC; Contributor, CNBC